Now everyone can sleep cooler and bacteria-free

We recently covered a mattress startup that’s trying to address one of the most common complaints people have about their beds and one of the hardest to fix.

Since we spend one third of our lives asleep, our beds are a breeding ground for the less desirable byproducts of life, like dead skin cells and germs.

PangeaBed decided to make sleeping products that attack the problem of sanitation by adding in natural anti-microbial materials that kill microbes on contact, like copper.

Since ancient civilizations, copper has been used to keep bacteria from growing. In a mattress, its purpose and its success with different dust mites and other microbes is no different. On top of that, the integration of a metal well known for its thermal conductivity means that the heat you radiate while you’re asleep is more evenly distributed, so not only will sleep be cleaner, but you’ll also sleep cooler.

When I opened the pillow, I was immediately surprised. It must be the integration of a metal, but the pillow itself has a thickness that would normally correspond with firmness but is overall springy rather than dense. When you press down on it, it feels like it will bounce back into formation. The cover is soft to touch and can be unzipped easily for a wash.

Instead of adjusting to how this pillow would feel, I tried to sleep with it the same way that I have with every other one I own, meaning staggered on top of one or two others to Frankenstein together the support I really wanted. I had become so used to that practice that when I put this one on my bed I didn’t clear away the rest. This was a mistake.

I woke up the next morning sleeping on my stomach with a pain in my neck that I could feel throughout the day. The next night, I approached the situation differently — the pillow was clearly better at being a pillow than I gave it credit for, and that meant stacking it on any other would make for a very unnatural angle.



This article was first published by Business Insider 

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